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AIRTAME 2 Australia

Airtame Will Help You Use Screens Better

Cables can look messy and uninspiring. With Airtame, you will be presenting wirelessly within a few clicks or showcasing your personalised digital signage on your screens when they are not in active use. 

Say goodbye to cables.


Trusted by 18,000+ forward-thinking workplaces

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Screen sharing from any device


Walk into a room, open the Airtame app and select your Airtame-connected screen. That’s it, you are presenting wirelessly.



Digital signage made easy


You can do better than blank standby screens. Use them to showcase something meaningful.



Remote, all-in-one Cloud management


Manage and monitor all your devices – straight from your desk, across locations and remotely – from Airtame Cloud.



Plug & Play


Set up
Mount the Airtame and connect it to your local network.

Visit airtame.com/download to get the Airtame app for your computer or mobile.

Open the app, select your Airtame from the list and start presenting.


Trusted Solution

More than 18,000 organisations have successfully implemented Airtame across their offices, meeting spaces and classrooms.

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