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100” 700 nits UHD 4K Premium Indoor LCD – DI100ST2

Measuring a stunning 100-inches diagonally, the DI100ST2 is the equivalent of four 50-inch displays in a 2×2 video wall configuration without distracting seams. Featuring a 700 nit UHD 4K image, a wide color gamut, and True Color calibration, this display features exceptional color reproduction and uniformity.

An integrated Android™ based media player with WiFi offers users the freedom to select from the array of various media software solutions on the market, or use the bundled DynaScan DSM365 application for local video playback, playlist creation and content scheduling.

The DI100ST2 features a unique intelligent thermal management system in which heat generated by the display is radiated away from high temperature areas while a sensor continuously monitors the internal temperature to protect the system from overheating with virtually silent fans.

Dynascan DI100ST2


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