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Cloud-Based Content Management System For Your Digital Signage

Ping HD Australia is committed to providing premium digital signage tools to help you engage with your customers. And we’ve carried that same level of commitment throughout the development of our enhanced proprietary software EngagePHD™, a cloud-based content management system that allows users to manage their content from anywhere with an internet connection. With this most recent software upgrade, we’ve reduced the required hardware components to manage your business’s digital signage network. The results of our focused efforts include an easier to use dashboard and a lower cost of ownership for our customers.

Highlights of EngagePHD™

Compatible across all platforms and devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones, this software enables management of your display content from any location with internet access. Highlights of EngagePHD’s services include:

  1. Network Monitor: A real-time dashboard that notifies you of any issues that may occur with display connectivity or downloaded content. Also included are automatic email alerts if your display has been offline for a user-defined period.
  2. Integrated Product Database: Update product details on all signage displays in your network within seconds. Add custom attributes to product information and records such as extended descriptions, calorie information, pricing levels and indicators for alcohol-based products.
  3. POS Integration: Integrates seamlessly with POS systems as projects dictate.
  4. Layout Designer: User-friendly drag and drop design. Make changes or edits to display designs or layouts and see them live instantly—the second you hit the “publish” button.
  5. Live Full-Quality Previews: View and send live previews of content to other content managers.
  6. Custom Widgets: Newly added HTML5 editor allows users to add custom HTML5 widgets.
  7. Themes: Change the themes of menus on demand or on a scheduled basis from a smart phone or other device within seconds.
  8. Events: Easily manage meeting rooms with custom signage and way-finding screens using our Event Manager. Easily integrates with 3rd party applications as projects require.
  9. External Input Support: Supports external inputs via HDMI.
  10. Screen Control: Schedule the screen off/on function from the web-based User Interface (UI) and remotely reboot a display when needed.

We’ve incorporated these added enhancements to specifically meet the needs of our clients across multiple industry segments. They are based on experience and feedback from over 150 existing customers and their networks, which we translated and developed into the most sought after features in digital content displays. Regardless of whether you are a small business owner, GM of a major stadium or part of a chain of retail stores you will find that EngagePHD™, meets your expectations for content management.

EngagePHD™ is easy to use, allowing you to control display content and delegate management to other employees from any location around the world.

We know that each business is unique, and we have covered all the bases

Digital Signage Software to bring your content to life with immersive Digital Signage Solutions, using only the best software platform available with a great uptime success rate of 99.98%, you can be guaranteed that your content is safe and will be deployed when you need it to be..
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