S-Paint is our rear projection screen paint which creates a high resolution screen by applying it onto window glass. It is idea for outdoor advertising!

Transform your existing store front windows into a strategic opportunity for you and your brand. Capture the attention of your prospective customers and effectively convert traffic into new shoppers and clients. The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. By delivering dynamic visual information to your audience, Red Digital helps you drive conversion and build recognition. Our S-Paint advertising solution will not only give you a full return on your investment but will undoubted lead to an increase in profits as well.

• Turns Glass and Acrylic Surfaces into a Rear Projection Screen • Great for Storefront Windows.
• Indoors and outdoors.
• Video controlled by central control system via Cloud

• Easy updating of assets

S-Paint offers you one of the best ways, if not the ultimate way, to make the most of all the opportunities made available by outside window displays. To sell, you need customers. And to get customers, you need to attract attention with unusual promotions and methods. An advertisement that is simple to set-up and that highlights your products within the splendid space that your display windows provided. A lit display panel allows you to meet this goal. S-Paint’s unique properties and our projector’s performance in terms of luminosity you can showcase your products in the most dramatic way possible. Your lit display window will attract people’s attention towards your store.

S-paint can simply be removed and recover the original state of the applied surface if the application is no longer required. It is possible to use S-paint, with this feature, in various applications such as advertisement, events, interior, secondary production etc. It is a magic paint that can transform a normal glass into a high resolution screen.


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