InfoComm16, Las Vegas, June 13, 2016 – Ping HD has been honored with a Samsung Smart Signage Award for Industry – Retail Installation of the Year at InfoComm16 in Las Vegas, an annual event for the professional audiovisual and information communication industries.

Industry – Retail Installation of the Year honors a project that helped solve a business challenge by successfully leveraging innovative digital signage hardware, complex systems and collaboration among partners to bring a powerful, all-encompassing retail solution to life. Ping HD’s expertise in leveraging Samsung SSP and web-based content enabled them to provide a sports stadium in Detroit with the flexibility of updating pricing and product availability on an array of Samsung displays quickly and seamlessly.

“The annual Samsung Smart Signage Award celebration gives us an opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievements of our ProAV Dealers and their contributions to the signage industry,” said Ed Abrams, Vice President of Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “We take great pride in recognizing the partners and projects that represent the driving force of innovation in the ProAV industry, and congratulate the well-deserved winners.”

“We are very proud to receive this award for the second consecutive year,” said Kevin Goldsmith, Chief Technology Officer. “It’s a testament to the rapid adoption of our EngagePHD™ platform, working seamlessly on Samsung Smart Signage Platform displays. By eliminating the need for that external media player Ping HD and Samsung have been able to reduce the cost of owning and operating a digital signage network by 35-40%.

Samsung offers a diverse range of smart signage solutions, from seamless video walls and fine pixel-pitch LED to outdoor displays and collaborative e-boards, designed for retail, corporate, QSR, education and other business environments.

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About Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
Headquartered in Ridgefield Park, NJ, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA), is a recognized innovation leader in consumer electronics design and technology. A wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., SEA delivers a broad range of digital consumer electronics, IT and home appliance products. Samsung is the market leader for HDTVs in the U.S and one of America’s fastest growing home appliance brands. To discover more of the award-winning products you love with Samsung, please visit and for the latest Samsung news, please visit and follow on Twitter @SamsungNewsUS.

When people say “digital signage”, they’re talking about digital displays used to inform and persuade, and it’s popping up in public spaces all over the world. Retailers and transit systems using digital signage are increasingly common, and every day more and more campuses, government institutions and corporations are finding their own ways to benefit from this increasingly affordable technology.

Our digital signage software can be used in any environment… lobby reception, student lounges, cafeterias, break rooms, call centers, elevator banks, manufacturing floors, meeting rooms…virtually any public space or network. And Visix takes digital signage beyond large displays, believing that anything with a screen can be a digital sign – desktops, RSS readers, smartphones and more.

Companies use digital signage to welcome visitors, show meeting schedules, or tell employees what’s for lunch. Maybe students are reminded that registration ends tomorrow or directed to interactive wayfinding on touchscreens to find their way around campus. As the day comes to a close, screens in your facility might show local weather and traffic so that people can plan their commutes. What you show is really only limited by what you can imagine and create.

Digital Signage Direct is pleased to announce that we have partnered up with PindHD

Ping HD is a full service digital signage company. Whether you are looking for digital menu boards, digital information boards or digital signage kiosks for touch-screen solutions, Ping HD can provide a customized solution specific to your requirements.

Ping HD provides flexible, scalable and affordable digital signage solutions.  We will assist with everything from strategy, design and implementation to monitoring and support on a cloud-based network.

Ping HD is a full service digital signage company that offers custom and dynamic signage solutions for projects of all sizes. Their turnkey approach means they take care of the planning and installation as well as the content writing, designing and maintenance. We work with with leading hardware and software vendors to provide a robust, bullet proof solution with outstanding customer service and after-sales support.

Their digital signage networks are backed by digital signage software that is efficient and quick. Their strategy team will plan and design a network that will deliver results like increasing your sales, enhancing brand awareness and improving customer experience.

We offer the best digital signage software with great features and a simple, user-friendly design. Content changes can be made immediately from any computer, tablet or smart phone with an internet connection. Their system requires no onsite servers or media players....

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First impressions count

Within 2-3 seconds of walking into your building, a visitor is already making up their mind about what kind of business it is and if they like it. Whether it’s an interviewee, client or caterer, they’ll be assessing and judging your facilities instantly, so it is essential to make a good first impression.

The importance of reception

Receptionists, sometimes known as Directors of First Impressions, are on the front line of a business, often being the first people in contact with clients, customers and visitors via email, phone or in person. Reception impacts a visitor's first impression of the company, so ensuring this is a positive one is vital for a business. Something as simple as not acknowledging a new visitor straightaway could be harmful for your company.

Visitor_ManagementTechnology is here to help

Technology can help businesses improve their visitor's experience by easing queues. For example people can check-in themselves using a visitor kiosk - but be beware, people generally like human interaction when they arrive somewhere new. Plus, having a receptionist to handle the arrival of visitors also allows a company to create an atmosphere and brand impression.

One way of combining technology and human interaction is by using reliable visitor management software.

Room booking software can have this feature built-in, which will send any visitor requests automatically to reception, so that they can prepare visitor passes in advance and know whom to expect. The system will also let employees add notes about any VIPs prior to their arrival, making the visitor experience even more special and unique. 

A..., B..., C...

Visitor management systems mean that guests no longer have to spell out their names for the receptionist. They also mean guests don't end up sitting for 20 minutes whilst reception try to locate the host to tell them that their visitor has arrived. Once a visitor does arrive, an instant notification can be sent to the meeting organiser to let them know that they are waiting, minimising wait times and freeing up reception. 

Invest in impressions 

Businesses need to invest as much money and attention in their reception areas as they do in their canteen or boardrooms, arguably even more so. After all these visitors could turn into long-term employees, partners or customers and making a bad impression could ultimately impact business relationships, attracting new talent and generating sales.

Digital Signage Direct is the Authorised Dealer in Australia of Fischer & Kerrn Visitor Management Software, Distributed in Australia through Sound and Image Group

Digital Signage Direct can now assist you with the boardroom scheduling systems available in the world having partnered up with Fischer & Kerrn a Denmark company at the forefront of this on a global scale..


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