Digital Signage is an eye-catching and effective way to showcase content for your business— but how do you know if your content is connected and secure?

Here are 3 reasons why people choose EngagePHD™:

1) Ensure your content is being displayed correctly and reflecting any changes instantaneously.

Digital Signage is the key to making lasting impressions on a consumer. EngagePHD™’s Network Monitoring tools work cohesively to make sure your message is correctly displayed across all screens regardless of where in the world they may be installed. In addition, we have made it easy to update content as well—giving your business the flexibility to update your information as needed.

2) Receive Automated Email Alerts for instant notifications.

Automated email alerts through EngagePHD™’s Network Monitoring System allows you to be constantly connected to your Digital Signage. These alerts will notify you of any issues or changes made to your content. This feature alerts you instantly if: any screens are offline, there is a black screen, if content appears to be frozen, if the temperature of a screen exceeds a pre-determined level and if a user changes a price point of a product. Rest assured there will be no surprises when using the Network Monitoring System.

3) Get access Realtime Dashboard to view current content.

Another important feature of EngagePHD™’s Network Monitoring System is being able to show content that is running on any screen at any given time. We created a Real-time Dashboard view that shows you content that is currently displayed on the screen regardless of your Player/Screen hardware. This allows you to be in control and even request a screenshot of your content on demand.

Retailers are one of the biggest markets for digital signage, but that doesn't mean every retailer or supplier uses it correctly. Even while going shopping, I regularly run into these issues with both interactive and normal displays such as broken or malfunctioning displays, bad attract screens and poor content. But thankfully, these can all be fixed with a little bit of love and work.

Broken displays

I regularly run into displays that are malfunctioning. Their screens might be blank, or the touchscreen might not be working. Or even worse, I might see a normal desktop pulled up on the display, which allows anyone determined or mischievous enough to do a lot of damage.

Worst of all, I almost never see any sign anyone is working to fix the issue. At best, the retailer might tape a handwritten note to the display.

An easy way to fix this is to use digital signage software which monitors the "health" of the display. In other words, it checks to make sure the display is operational and everything is working smoothly. This can help speed up response time from a repair service. Also, the vendor can supply the retailer with tools to use when the display goes down, such as a branded "out of order" sign.

Bad attract screens

I have seen a variety of attract screens used with kiosks and interactive digital signage, which just don't do the job. I've seen some that are just a bit boring and others that are downright disturbing. For example, I saw one kiosk that featured virtual people staring directly into the passerby's eyes, with a soulless expression and a strange smile. It made me want to run away from the display, not to it!

Attract screens need to offer a clear and concise motivation to draw in the user. It could be something like local artwork that draws a customers' eyes, or it could be an advertisement for a discount. It could even change based on the customer's demographics or where the customer is standing.

You can also use analytical tools to test the effectiveness of the attract screen, and switch out the content accordingly.

Poor content

In many ways, this is the worst and most damaging issue for a display. If the content doesn't work, the entire display becomes worthless. I've seen many displays that deliver boring or poor content, such as a mall display that used pixelated images or a gas station display which was still advertising warm weather products on a cold day.

Developing and maintaining effective content is certainly difficult, but you can make it a bit easier by using three tools:

  • Use a good content management system that allows you to easily swap content in and out.
  • Put someone in charge of content creation and management. If someone doesn't "own it," it won't be as effective.
  • Consistently use analytics to test the effectiveness of the content.

Content is a continuous investment, and you can't afford to fall behind.


Make sure your content is displayed correctly! 


Images Taken at a Local K-Mart Store


The Orlando City Soccer Club has chosen Ping HD’s powerful EngagePHD™ digital signage software to drive the IPTV network at their new home, Orlando City Stadium.

The IPTV portion accounts for 147 commercial grade Samsung SSP (Smart Signage Platform) SoC (System on a Chip) displays which has everything needed to run the application embedded onto a single chip inside of the display.  This means no more external DMPs (Digital Media Players) which results in lower hardware costs, lower installation costs, less failure points, increased reliability, and greater flexibility. 

Each Samsung SSP display is connected to the Internet and EngagePHD™ is automatically downloaded.  To complete the solution, EngagePHD™ makes use of the Samsung SSP displays onboard ATSC/QAM tuner which means that all the available TV channels e.g. ESPN, Fox Soccer etc.,  along with a live raw game camera feed and scoreboard feed can be modulated over RF and appear as a channel number on the Samsung SSP displays.  From here the team at Orlando City Soccer Club creates custom layouts by logging into the EngagePHD™ website application, defining the size/position of where the Live TV feed will appear and then wrap the feed in an L-Bar style fashion with any marketing, sponsorship, information, or social media content.

The TV channel shown on each display used for IPTV can be changed remotely via EngagePHD™, so the team can reset any/all displays to any channel at the start of a game.  Functionality also exists to allow fans in a suite to change the TV channel via a unique QR code.  Once scanned the QR loads a touch friendly interface on the fans own mobile smart phone that shows a logo for each TV channel, touch the logo and the channel is changed without affecting the L-Bar wrap.    

Since each display is unique and has its own identity and IP Address, the content for each screen can be unique, grouped together in batches or be the same on all 147 displays.  Content can also be synchronized so a playlist of assets change at the same time on all the screens in the sync group.

The 47 Digital Menu Boards allow the Concessions operator, Spectra, to use Bypass Mobile for their POS (Point of Sale) System integrated with the EngagePHD™ software.  When making pricing changes in Bypass Mobile, the pricing on the Digital Menu Boards are reflective of those changes.

Whether a Digital Menu Board or an IPTV display, EngagePHD™ powerful monitoring tools allow the team to know exactly what content is being displayed on every single display with automated screenshots pulled directly into a Dashboard view. Some of the other great features include:

  • Automated e-mail alerts inform users if a screen has gone offline and failed to perform its scheduled system health check
  • Ability to turn all screens off/on from a mobile phone
  • Interrupt/Moment of exclusivity triggers
  • Proof of play reporting

Kevin Goldsmith, Chief Technology Officer at Ping HD, says:

“EngagePHD™ offers greater elasticity and a fresh approach to traditional IPTV solutions and can exist in a hybrid environment where modulated TV content and network based UDP (User Datagram Protocol) based IPTV streams exist. System on a Chip display technology has advanced so much that we are able to deliver as much flexibility within Samsung SSP Displays that you’d expect to get from a high-end external Windows based media player.”

Looking for a similar installation? Contact us today:

Ping HD’s Players Map Feature

PingHD Australia provides a scaleable and flexible digital signage solution. Ping HD is an industry leader when it comes to new and innovative cloud-based software enhancements through EngagePHD™. EngagePHD™ offers a Players Map feature to help your business better manage and maintain your digital content.

Players Map is a versatile tool that you are able to configure and implement to your industry’s needs. Players Map allows users to upload a floor plan of their stadium arena, shopping mall, airport, convention center, or campus. Once the floorpan is uploaded you are able to plot where each and every Player is located. This Players Map will show a green dot or a red dot representing each Player. The green dot indicates that all operational systems are functioning properly. The red dot alerts the user that there is an error or issue with a Player. These color codes make your digital signage Players easy to read and allow the user to quickly pin point where all Players are located.

The Players Map is an interactive medium to provide a snapshot of content currently being displayed by your digital signage player. By hovering your mouse over each green and red dot it will reveal a near realtime screenshot to show exactly what content is on the screen. This action will also provide all of the Player’s information such as: serial number, IP address, MAC address, firmware version, network, and temperature.

For the University of Texas, Austin Ping HD was able to implement the EngagePHD™ Players Map feature for the entire Longhorn’s locker room. Regardless of the size or scale, Ping HD’s Players Map allows you to have complete clarity when reviewing your digital signage operations.

Digital Signage Direct is proud to announce that we are an authorised dealer of Airtame Australia, we have stock available and ready to ship as at the 1st July 2018 so get your preorders in now!



Client Need — Elevate Hospital Aesthetics and Messaging

With no previous digital signage in place, the beautiful Foothills location of Boulder Community Health wanted to implement a high impact, engaging solution that would clean up the visual appeal of their waiting areas, assist in wayfinding, and effectively deliver messaging and promotion initiatives.

Ping HD Solution  — Facility-Wide Immersive Digital Signage

To create a more engaging and timely guest experience, two of the touch screens were powered by the intuitive EngagePHD™ platform so staff could quickly and easily change out and upload new content from their smartphones, laptops or desktops. Ping HD also installed resource-based touch screens and reader boards to communicate a variety of messaging initiatives throughout the facility.

Results — An Engaging and Resourceful Guest Experience

Having an intuitive digital signage system in place has allowed Boulder Community Health to easily manage their messaging and promotional initiatives, connect with guests, and capture new patient leads. Once the system was in place, one patient, whose mother in search of a specialized doctor, noticed messaging on some of the digital signage and was able to easily identify and get in touch with a particular physician. After using the system, Boulder Community Health staffers were thrilled with the versatility, ease of use, and new patient leads garnered from its implementation, and have plans to implement Ping HD digital signage at their other healthcare locations.


IPTV Solutions by Ping HD

EngagePHD™ provides complete flexibility for IPTV based digital signage solutions. The IPTV feature supports a wide range of hardware options and hybrid systems.  Depending on the current infrastructure, EngagePHD™ can be implemented in many different ways and work side by side:

  • Multicast Network Stream: EngagePHD™ supports any UDP or TCP based multicast stream. The Multicast Network Stream can be positioned anywhere in a Layout so you can wrap any content around the TV feed. This method is supported on Samsung SSP and LG webOS commercial displays, however, if you need to use external DMP’s, then BrightSign and Windows based players are also supported.
  • RF (Coax):  The RF is uniquely supported on Samsung SSP Commercial Displays (North America Only). TV content can be distributed via RF and each Samsung screen can be programmed to receive all the channels that are available. Furthermore, just like the Multicast Network Stream, users can design a Layout and have this TV source as an option. In addition, we’ve added a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solution for sports fans in a suite or a visitor to a corporate office building etc. The BYOD solution allows the user to change the channel from their own smart phone without affecting any L-Bar wrap style content.
  • HDMI External Source: Samsung SSP and LG webOS allows the support of an external set-top box e.g. Comcast, DirecTV, Sky, Virgin Media etc. to be connected via HDMI.  EngagePHD™ is connected to the HDMI port and users can design a Layout to incorporate an L-Bar style wrap containing other content.

The above options are some of the different ways in which we can deliver an IPTV type solution.  Each screen is uniquely IP addressable meaning you can show the same content or showcase unique content on every screen. Regardless of your needs, EngagePHD™ can be used to manage your Digital Signage based IPTV networks.

If you are searching for a streamlined platform where TV content can be mixed in with your Digital Menu Boards, Room Signage, Ad Screens and Wayfinding displays; Ping HD IPTV is your digital solution.

One Platform can do all your digital signage needs Read More

We are very excited to report that our multiple award-winning, web-based digital signage platform, EngagePHD™, is now supported on Samsung SSSP 4.0 Tizen Displays!

EngagePHD™ is the first platform able to integrate with the robust features of this brand new technology.

Tizen is the brand new cross-platform system that delivers increased performance and great features, such as the ability to support the playback of 3 different video files simultaneously, when compared to the existing SSSP 3.0 E-Series Displays.

InfoComm16, Las Vegas, June 13, 2016 – Ping HD has been honored with a Samsung Smart Signage Award for Industry – Retail Installation of the Year at InfoComm16 in Las Vegas, an annual event for the professional audiovisual and information communication industries.

Industry – Retail Installation of the Year honors a project that helped solve a business challenge by successfully leveraging innovative digital signage hardware, complex systems and collaboration among partners to bring a powerful, all-encompassing retail solution to life. Ping HD’s expertise in leveraging Samsung SSP and web-based content enabled them to provide a sports stadium in Detroit with the flexibility of updating pricing and product availability on an array of Samsung displays quickly and seamlessly.

“The annual Samsung Smart Signage Award celebration gives us an opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievements of our ProAV Dealers and their contributions to the signage industry,” said Ed Abrams, Vice President of Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “We take great pride in recognizing the partners and projects that represent the driving force of innovation in the ProAV industry, and congratulate the well-deserved winners.”

“We are very proud to receive this award for the second consecutive year,” said Kevin Goldsmith, Chief Technology Officer. “It’s a testament to the rapid adoption of our EngagePHD™ platform, working seamlessly on Samsung Smart Signage Platform displays. By eliminating the need for that external media player Ping HD and Samsung have been able to reduce the cost of owning and operating a digital signage network by 35-40%.

Samsung offers a diverse range of smart signage solutions, from seamless video walls and fine pixel-pitch LED to outdoor displays and collaborative e-boards, designed for retail, corporate, QSR, education and other business environments.

For more information about Samsung smart signage solutions, please visit

About Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
Headquartered in Ridgefield Park, NJ, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA), is a recognized innovation leader in consumer electronics design and technology. A wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., SEA delivers a broad range of digital consumer electronics, IT and home appliance products. Samsung is the market leader for HDTVs in the U.S and one of America’s fastest growing home appliance brands. To discover more of the award-winning products you love with Samsung, please visit and for the latest Samsung news, please visit and follow on Twitter @SamsungNewsUS.

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